You are on the official website of the charitable foundation «Common cause».

What is the mission of our foundation? Like many other charitable foundations — in activities that help the needy in it. But … Still a little wider. We try to participate in projects aimed at the development of children’s creativity, and in interesting musical projects, we support artists, writers, we participate in TV programs and shootings of films.

Of course, like every serious project, we are registered accordingly, we have a charter, a legal address, an office, a bank account and everything else that is necessary for full-fledged work.

Important: Our fund is registered in Moscow, we do not have branches and representatives anywhere. All activities of the fund are carried out exclusively by the fund’s employees. If assistants or volunteers are involved, they do not participate in commercial activities and do not make independent decisions.

How to contact us: We are always open for cooperation, but there are objective limitations. In 24 hours and from them you need to find time to eat, sleep and personal life. In this regard, we do not always have the ability to respond promptly to a phone call, for example, or immediately write a response to a received message.

We ask you to treat the presented information with understanding and show mutual respect.

The highest priority is given to letters sent to e-mail.
On the comments on the projects posted on social networks, we respond as far as possible.
All available communication methods are listed in the «Contacts» section.

Author’s materials: All creative projects in which we take part in one way or another have authorship. In this regard, we strongly request that when copying any materials under the auspices of the fund, it is mandatory to give a link to our resource.

Recently, cases of not just copying, but also undesirable editing of our materials (which, categorically, is unacceptable) have become frequent. We can not always react quickly, but the relevant work on fixing and subsequent legal records management is underway.

Finances: The Common Business Foundation is a non-governmental private enterprise. We are always open for fruitful cooperation and feasible assistance to those who need it. And, yes, it requires certain costs. Both labor and material. We gladly (but, legibly) accept assistance from both private and public organizations.